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Classical Shure with their very price worthy wireless microphone systems.

The combination of their PGX receivers and the classical SM58 microhone in the wireless handset transmitter give you high quality for the money.

PGX24-receiver have many very good functions.
For example automatic frequency selection to find free channels and one-touch sync between the transmitter and receiver.
This makes this receiver very easy to handle.
It also has a built-in microprocessor that controls that the signal is optimal, which gives a stable signal and up to 12 channels within the same frequency band.

The PGX2 handheld transmitter with SM58-capsule has LED-indicators for power, mute and battery. 
The two AA-batteries give up to 9 hours of contiguous use. The range is up to 60 meters line of sight.
There is also a adjustable gain of 10 dB and a lock for the buttons so non of the adjustment are changed by accident.

Both the receiver and the handheld transmitter has a rugged construction to give reliable performances, show after show.

Is delivered in a practical plastic hardcase that contains; handheld transmitter and two AA-bateries, standholder to the handheld transmitter and the receiver and the power adapter to the receiver.

Shure PGX4/SM58 Wireless Microphone

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